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Falfield Action Group is made up of a number of Falfield residents and other individuals who welcome appropriate  small scale development but who do not want to see in-appropriate development that would destroy the character of the village.

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Page last updated: Saturday, November 12, 2016


Falfield Action Group originally established in 1986 when Falfield was subject to two planing applications by Bovis Homes, one for 250 homes and a second for 1,500 homes on farmland to the north and west of the village. The applications were turned down by the then Northavon District Council but Bovis decided to appeal against their decision with an appeal to take place in 1998. However at the eleventh hour Bovis decided not to proceed with their appeal after the Ministry of Agriculture changed their policy on building on farmland.

After Bovis went away the Action group formed a Community Association which continued until 1992 when it ceased to exist.

Now with the threat of large scale development in the village again the village decided at a meeting on 2nd December 2015 that a new Action Group should be formed to fight any large scale development proposed by Cotswold Homes and to respond to South Gloucestershire Policies, Sites and Places Plan along with the West of England Joint Spatial Plan* (JSP) which sets out a prospectus for sustainable growth in the area to meet its housing and transport needs for the next 20 years.

* This is made up of four local authorities - South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset. Between them they are proposing to build a total of 85,000 homes between 2017 and 2036.



The West of England Joint Spatial Plan is a direct response to the growing needs for new and affordable homes to be built between 2017 and 2036. The areas four local authorities of Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bath & North East Somerset have come together to produce this plan. They are quoted that the area needs a further 85,000 homes built by 2036, nearly 30,000 more that originally planned. In Falfield two sites have been identified totalling 72 hectares for potential of 400+ homes along with industrial development.                



The Policies Sites and Places Plan (PSP plan) is the final document which will complete the South Gloucestershire local plan. The PSP plan will set out new planning policies for South Gloucestershire.

This document will contain detailed planning policies to manage new development, allocate and safeguard sites for various types of development.

20 November 2015 update – Regulation 18 Consultation

Representations are now being invited on the next stage of the Council’s Policies, Sites and Places Plan (PSP Plan).

The council needs to take steps to ensure more homes are built in South Gloucestershire over the next 5 years that meet people’s needs. Currently the shortfall is around 1,500 dwellings which needs to be delivered over the next 5 years and this consultation sets out the process by which the council will aim to address it. In Falfield a total of four sites have been identified which between them could generate in excess of 220 dwellings.




On 21st October 2015 Cotswold Homes held an exhibition in the Gables Hotel, Falfield in relation to their proposal to building 150 homes on Heneage Farm and a Park and Share to the north of Moorslade Lane. A large number of residents from the village along with a number from adjoining parishes attended this exhibition. Although it was advertised at seeking the views of the residents of the village the feedback from a large number of individuals who attended felt that this exhibition was just a formality undertaken by Cotswold Homes prior to lodging a planning application with South Gloucestershire. At this exhibition their representatives also failed to listen to individuals concerns and gave conflicting answers to the same question. As an example one individual ask about gas services for the site and the reply was that they were looking at having underground propane tanks. The same question asked later by another individual was given the answer that they were in discussing the possibility of having the gas pipeline which runs through Tortworth extended into the village. They also stated that the Park and Share would be an asset to the village. The Action Group don’t see how having commuters travelling into the village to park their cars is an asset to the village.

Currently no application has been lodged with South Gloucestershire Council but if Cotswold Homes information received from Cotswold Homes during the exhibition and subsequently it is only a matter of time before this occurs.

You can go on the Cotswold Homes consultation web page to see the information panels which were displayed at their exhibition by clicking here which will open up a PDF document. To go to their consultation web site click here.

Message from West of England Joint Planning

Have your say on the West of England Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study (JSP/JTS)

The four West of England councils would like your involvement in the next steps towards drawing up plans which will steer development in our area over the next 20 years.

We are writing to you as you have previously commented on the JSP/JTS and/or expressed an interest in local plan preparation and local transport study work. We therefore believe you may be interested in taking part in this new consultation.

Last year we started a consultation process to gain people’s thoughts and ideas to help set the approach and priorities. Comments and ideas were received from the public, local organisations, businesses and transport providers and users. Having taken on board the consultation feedback, the next phase of the process is to consult again, this time on outline proposals.

You can view the consultation documents and make comments at Documents are available in local libraries and council offices throughout Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Please do take the opportunity to use our online system to respond as this ensures that your comments will be dealt with in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

A series of information events will be taking place across the four Council areas, details of which are published at These will provide the opportunity to view the material about the latest ideas.

Please let us have your views no later than Monday 19th December 2016.

If you have any questions please email:

Further information is also available at:

Please note that responses received, including personal details, cannot be kept confidential. From time to time we may contact you to seek your views about other planning consultations and projects; if you would not like this contact then please let us know. Similarly if you would like us to completely remove your details from our databases then please let us know.

To learn more, please download the presentation from the 8th November launch event


Falfield Village Hall

Monday 28th November
1pm - 7pm

Click here to open document to ready in full


A sites inspection took place at the end of July 2016 by the Development (West) Sites Committee. Following this meeting the planning application was expected to come before the Development (West) Planning Committee with in the two months. However until Highways England had completed a survey on the capacity of junction 14 of the M5 and submitted their recommendations the application is on hold. We understand that this survey has been completed but additional survey work is required on the junction of the A38 and B4509 junctions. This is expected to take place during November 2016