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 Falfield Action Group is made up of a number of Falfield residents and other individuals who welcome
appropriate small scale development but who do not want to see in-appropriate and
unsustainable development that would destroy the character of the village.

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Page last updated: Saturday, November 18, 2017

Welcome to
Falfield Action Group!

Falfield is a small rural Parish in South Gloucestershire, 4.2 miles North of Thornbury.

The village itself is located either side of the A38 near Junction 14 of the M5. There are currently 92 dwellings in the village itself, with a total of 236 in the Parish.

The objective of the Action Group is to represent parishioners by liasing with the Parish & South Gloucestershire Councils; contribute to various consultations and lobby against any inappropriate development that will damage the infrastructure and character of the village. Please click here to visit our About the Action Group page.

To get involved or sign-up to our mailing list, please email: falfieldactiongroup@gmail.com

Heneage Farm

A Number of attempts have been made since the 1980’s to develop land belonging to Heneage Farm – please click here to view our Heneage Farm – Planning History page.

In the last two years, there have been two separate significant planning applications made in respect of 11 hectares of land off Moorslade Lane.

In February 2016, Cotswold Homes submitted a planning application to South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) to develop 11 hectares of land to the West of the village to provide 115 new dwelling and a Park and Share for Up to 100 cars.

There were many significant issues with the proposed development. The newly reformed Falfield Action Group engaged with parishioners and impacted local communities to oppose the planning application.

The Action Group investigated and analysed the issues with the proposal and submitted our report during the public consultation period. We also made a representation to the Development Control (West) Committee in February 2017, where, despite the Planning Officer recommending the application for approval, it was refused: 7 against; 4 for and 1 abstention.  The primary reason for refusal being that Falfield in an unsustainable location.

In August 2017, as expected, Cotswold Homes submitted an appeal to the Planning appeal to The Planning Inspectorate (PINS), which will be heard at an Inquiry opening on 6th February 2018.

Following a public consultation on 27th September 2017 at which Cotswold Homes set out their new plans for the site, a new application was submitted to South Glouscestershire Council (SGC) on 17th October. The only changes in new application are a reduction of the number of dwellings to 85 and the inclusion of a new ‘Community Hub’ on the site.

Please click here to view our Heneage Farm webpage, which details the issues with the proposed planning applications

Buckover Garden Village

 Details to follow shortly

The Action Group are currently actively opposing two major proposals developments in Falfield Parish: Heneage Farm  & Buckover Garden Village.

We have pages dedicated to each of these proposed developments. Detailed below is a summary of each and their current position. Please visit the web pages for each of the proposals for more details, including how you can get involved.